Thursday, August 3, 2017

May thru July 2017

Hello again Family and Friends
on our last blog update we forgot to mention we took a bus from La Cruz, Mx to Guadalajara back in February to meet our good friends Cindy  and Mark from mv Delta Swizzler and John and Linda from tennis in La Paz. We had a great time.

Mark with new friend                 Linda and Eric for a coffee break and Indian pole twirlers
So now we will continue where we left off on our last blog starting in May

We had a lobster dinner party on our boat with 4 other boats in La Cruz great fun. Amazingly enough there were actually 4  boats home. We sailed out of La Cruz on April 22,2017. Our first stop was Bahia Chamela next stop was Tenacatita.

Chamela                                     Tenacatita beach                    local girl selling her wares
from Renacatita we sailed to Bara De Navidad and will be here thru hurricane season with a short visit to renew our 6 month visa. We took a trip down to Guatamala in order to do just that.


tennis courts we play 3 times a week at the resort               one of the Pools we swim in

Our side trip to Guatemala going across the boarder                      Guatemala Jungles

Guatemala market place    We had a summer solstice party on tenth floor of Grand Bay Resort in Bara Navidad

Bus trip to La Manzanilla to the Croc refuge

A million dollar wedding at the Grand Bay Resort it was spectacular

This is the world class golf course we walk around and pick up free mango´s

While on our trip to Guatemala we met a wonderful man named Fidel who invited us out to his 9 hector orchid farm where we learned so much about orchids, for instance, we never knew vanilla was an orchid. We then invited his whole family out to our boat for a sail.  They had never been on a sail boat before. It was a great time.

Saw spotted dolphins            Fidel and wife Elsa,  and their kids having fun on the paddle boards

Eric´s brother Tim came to visit. We had welcome and unwelcome visitors that week.

During hurricane season we have a lot of thunder and lightning storms. This is a Tree Swallow nest that was built in our mizzen boom. Cute 3 eggs and they all hatched.

re-caulking decks while waiting out hurricane season                     tree swallow at sunrise

 We will close for now and bring you up to date in a few months. We hope you enjoy our blog

                                      Love all, Pati and Eric

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

January thru April 2017

Hola Family and Friends,  We sailed January 24th, 2017 with our good friends Ard from Santa Cruz and with John and Linda who live in La Paz. We sailed 240 nautical  miles and it took us 42 hours of rough sea´s for 2 days and 2 nights. We arrived in Mazatlan, La Isla Marina. 

this is the resort we stayed at the harbor.  We enjoyed our stay inn Mazatlan especially old Town

Aztec Dancer´s

Sunrise in the harbor

We left Mazatlan on Feb.1,2017 93n.miles  overnight to Isla Isabel Mexico´s Galapagos Island. Beautiful little Island with lots of wild life so tame you can walk right up to them and they won´t run or fly away.

Blue footed Boobies

Male Frigate  Bird

A Baby Frigate I almost stepped on totally unafraid of people

We sailed another 40n.miles to San Blas, Matanchen Bay arriving at 16:45 pm, very tired. We only stayed on Isla Isabel for a few hours because our rudder was damaged and we had limited steering.

Shearwater                       Our freinds on Rainbow Gypsy  the beach on Matachen Bay

River tour of the San Blas Croc´s and restaurant on the river where you could swim
We left San Blas on Deb. 7th at 12:30 pm to sail 22n.miles and arrived at 16:30pm to Chacala.

The Beach at Chacala with a turtle release happening     the anchorage in Chacala

Great lunch on the beach in Chacala                              Down Town of Chacala still dirt roads

Cherry and Alec Rainbow Gypsy    Beach restaurant
Next we sailed on Feb. 9th to La Cruz in Banderas  Bay 45 n.miles. We spent a lot of time in La Cruz and Puerto Vallarta.


Hiking around Puerto Vallarta

just us again                    veiw from the top of Puerto Vallarta  and a wonderful mural on a dirt trail

our freinds with whom we went 8 miles hiking down the coast to a waterfall. A little something I picked up on the beach.

  along the tail                              another beach along the way        we made it to the waterfall

went surfing with friends Megan and Jonah on sv Orion in  Punta Mita. pic of beach

Eric´s temporary fix to rudder for steerage into dry dock. Rudder post broke and I know he can fix it.



8 days in dry dock but we got her back in shape and bottom painted.

Becky, Armando, Megan, Adriana, and Rylie arrived for their annual visit on April 10th. We had a great time. Megan and Adi had a great time on the ocean obstacle course in back round.

we visited Salulito, La Cruz, Bucerias and thier last day at a wonderful resort in La Cruz.